Phytopathogenomics and Disease Control

ISSN: 2957-5842 (Online)
ISSN: 2957-5834 (Print)
DOI: 10.22194

DNA-binding One Zinc Finger (DOF) transcription factors in Vigna species: A review

Zakia Habib /1.52

Legumes that belong to the family Fabaceae, are considered as one of the largest groups in edible plants. Among these, the genus Vigna stands out as a powerful representative of Legumes. It consists of more than 200 highly nutritional and economically important species for food security worldwide. The most commonly domesticated legume crops are mung bean, adzuki bean, urd bean, rice bean, and cowpea. However, these crops are vulnerable to several biotic and abiotic stresses. The DNA-binding one zinc finger (DOF) is an important transcriptional factor, specific to plants that play a vital role in plant-linked cellular functions such as plant growth, differentiation, seed development and germination as well as their response to biotic and abiotic stresses. DOF family is characterized by a presence of highly conserved DNA binding one zinc finger domain of 50-52 amino acids (DOF domain). These transcription factors are widely distributed in all plant species. This review mainly focuses on identifying and characterizing dof factors in three Vigna species (Vigna radiata, Vigna angularis, and Vigna unguiculata).

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