Phytopathogenomics and Disease Control

ISSN: 2957-5842 (Online)
ISSN: 2957-5834 (Print)
DOI: 10.22194

Intraspecific discrimination power of plastid coding region rbcL as DNA barcoding marker in Dalbergia sissoo population of Pakistan

Siddra Ijaz , Imran Ul Haq, Hafiza Arooj Razzaq, Bukhtawer Nasir, Maria Babar, Mubashir Abbas and Muhammad Asif Sakhawat /1.28

The conservation of diseases resistant sources of Dalbergia sissoo germplasm has attained the key status among the Agricultural prospects and solution against their possible threats. For this purpose, the best strategy is DNA barcoding based on nuclear, mitochondrial and plastid genomic regions. This approach is frequently used for species discrimination but its potential to discriminate the individuals at intraspecific level could also be worth exploring considerably. Hence, in the present study the potential of rbcL DNA barcode was evaluated for demonstrating intraspecific variation among the shisham genotypes collected across the Pakistan. DNA barcoding analysis was performed on 20 selected shisham genotypes. Nucleotide sequences were analyzed to confirm genetic diversity among studied genotypes (θw = 1.000, π = 0.00172). The allelic profile of data yielded 11 unique sequence types (STs) numbers. The phylogenetic tree based on SYM+G model revealed the discriminatory power of rbcL DNA barcode to resolve and differentiate the individuals at intraspecific level.

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