Phytopathogenomics and Disease Control

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DOI: 10.22194
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Application of bio-surfactants as bio-control agents against soil-borne and plant root pathogens

Hafiz Younis Raza, Muhammad Madni and Amjad Ali /1.33

Bio surfactants are the chemicals that microorganisms produce and are widely used to control plant diseases and industrial level, such as to produce nanoparticles, water purification, molecular imaging etc. Soil-borne pathogens live in the soil for a long time by forming their resting structures such as sclerotia which remain dormant during unfavorable conditions and become active as conditions become favorable. Different fungi form different types of resting structures. Chemical and cultural methods can control these pathogens by applying biocontrol agents and bio surfactants. Bio surfactants are more reliable to control soilborne pathogens because they have low toxicity, biodegradability, control environmental, and specific to their target