Our Vision

The Society for Innovative Agriculture (SIA) strives for professional advancement and dissemination of knowledge about agriculture as well as rural development, environmental sustainability, natural resources and associated areas of agricultural science, applied science and other related disciplines.

Our Mission

To enhance the subject of agriculture as a platform for understanding rural development and to apply and communicate this knowledge for the improvement of agriculture well-being community.


  1. To connect plant science research with rural development
  2. To apply new knowledge to agricultural practices through Agricultural extension
  3. To educate farmers about maximum utilization of scientific techniques in farming
  4. To develop the content and study material regarding agricultural & rural development
  5. To work in agricultural production and product development
  6. To make the general public and consumers aware of agriculture and rural concerns
  7. To engage in social and cultural activities


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Research Mandate

  • Integrates the strengths of research organizations with stake holders;
  • Promotes the development of research as an integral part of research organizations;
  • Co-organize conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars etc. with universities and research organizations.
  • Facilitates liaisons between government, industry and community for research/policy issues;
  • Reports on research activities, including publications contributing to stakeholders and the economy.