Society for Innovative Agriculture (SIA) offers various services for knowledge sharing awareness raising that include, but not limited to, online information dissemination, developing agricultural networks, consultation, education, training and publication.

Online Information Sharing

Our information sharing solutions are spread across wide range of categories from promotion of information in online platforms to information dissemination directly to the stakeholders and growers by considering their areas of activities and interest through electronic communication tools. Our aim is to facilitate information sharing between agricultural information generators and service provider with the users. Our main objective is to create easy and innovative online platforms that provide access to the users regarding the latest information and resources on agriculture development topics.

Research and Publication

SIA is pivotal in establishing, creating and expanding the field of agriculture. SIA members are deeply involved in scholarly research and publication. SIA would be dedicated to documenting current issues on agriculture and sustainability, and establishing an archive available to researchers, professionals, faculty, students and the growers. Our objective is to engage in agriculture work to inform policy makers, officials and the growers regarding issues of interest.

Promotion and Advertising

We are interested in knowing you and your event, workshop or conference, so we can promote and advertise it accordingly through our website, publications, newsletters and the network of more than 500 ever increasing professional members.

Special Issues Publication

SIA is seeking any opportunities to cooperate with high quality conferences, symposiums and congresses to publish selected articles in special issues of our relevant Journals. To be a proud supporter of your prestigious event, the articles will be published with a specific discount. The special issue will include recommended papers by the organizing committee of your conference; however, the relevant journal editorial board will ensure that individual papers consist of high-quality and scientific content, and the usage of the language is appropriate. All papers will be reviewed as per journal policy.


We offers a comprehensive set of role-based and performance-oriented training workshops that increases skills and awareness about production technologies of various crops/trees. We use face-to-face and online platforms for trainings with proven and effective methodology for teaching and training agricultural extension workers and growers. Although SIA does not directly operate training programs, it works closely with many agricultural institutions who offer both short- and long-term agricultural training and education programs.
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Research Mandate

  • Integrates the strengths of research organizations with stake holders;
  • Promotes the development of research as an integral part of research organizations;
  • Co-organize conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars etc. with universities and research organizations.
  • Facilitates liaisons between government, industry and community for research/policy issues;
  • Reports on research activities, including publications contributing to stakeholders and the economy.