The membership of the Society for Innovative Agriculture (SIA) is open to all professionals, academicians, who are actively involved for the betterment of the society and their work address a broad range of disciplines such as Agriculture Science, Applied Science, Rural Development, Resources and Environment, Horticulture Science, Plant Science and Agribusiness. Interested individuals can fill the application form to be evaluated by a selection committee. Membership Form

Basic Benefits

  • Enhance your ability to interact with and learn from other agriculture professionals.
  • Occasionally receive newsletters, updates, information and notices with information that we deem to be of interest to you.
  • Be notified about relevant research grants, scholarships, fellowships and international employment opportunities.
  • Become eligible to the honors and awards given by SIA and its affiliated journals to selected scholars.

Membership categories

  1. Active Member
  2. Any person holding BS, BSc (Hons.) or M.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences or related fields is eligible for membership.

  3. Meritorious Member
  4. A Meritorious member may be elected by the Society upon recommendation by the Council from such members who have been engaged in research or teaching in Agricultural Sciences for at least ten years and have retired from active service. He/she will enjoy all the privileges of a life member.

  5. Institutional Member
  6. An Institutional member may be firms, partnership companies, institutions, libraries, government departments and other corporate bodies who are interested in the promotion of knowledge of Agricultural Sciences and who have paid the prescribed institutional membership dues. Each institutional member will nominate a representative who will have the right to cast one vote. They will enjoy all the privileges of regular members.

  7. Student Member
  8. A BS, BSc (Hons), M.Sc. or Ph.D. student in Agricultural Sciences or related fields may become a student member. However, he/she will not have the right to vote but will enjoy other privileges.

Membership Fee

Category Membership Fee (Annual)
National (PKR) International (US$)
Active Membership 1000 50
Meritorious Membership 5000 200
Institutional Membership 10,000 500
Student Membership 500


For all membership applications and enquiries
Send us an email

Research Mandate

  • Integrates the strengths of research organizations with stake holders;
  • Promotes the development of research as an integral part of research organizations;
  • Co-organize conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars etc. with universities and research organizations.
  • Facilitates liaisons between government, industry and community for research/policy issues;
  • Reports on research activities, including publications contributing to stakeholders and the economy.