About SIA

Society for Innovative Agriculture (SIA) is a society of individuals and institutions whose purpose is to build a communication network among academicians, researchers, service providers, farmer’s, and people with an interest in agricultural sciences and its related disciplines. Registered with Government of Punjab, Pakistan under Societies Registration Act 1861 as a private organization, SIA is dedicated to consultation, training and publication in all areas related to agricultural sciences and its related disciplines. It promotes agriculture through technical cooperation, network development and capacity building at national level. SIA brings together researchers and academicians who are interested to solve the problems of society, to enhance the knowledge and understanding of Agricultural Science, Agricultural Economics and other related disciplines to exchange experiences, ideas and information among agriculturist, Agricultural Economists, Agricultural Scientists and Plant Scientists. SIA also ensure to co-organize/sponsor agricultural exhibitions/field days, seminars, workshops to provide an excellent forum for both general lectures and presentations, to enable the scientists and farmers to update their knowledge.

SIA Background

Founded in 2018 and registered in 2022, SIA achieves community-driven objectives for promoting agriculture by offering various services for knowledge sharing and awareness raising that include, but are not limited to, online information dissemination, developing agricultural networks, consultation, education, training and publication.

Mission and Goals

From the beginning of establishment, SIA mission was – and still is – to offer professional agricultural information services to individuals and organizations. The mission is composed of two important parts; one is acquiring, collecting, or creating reliable information, and the other part is dissemination, delivering and communicating those information to the users who need it. SIA aims to reach a major part of this goal by developing network of individuals and institutional members whose profession has something to do with agriculture.

What’s in it for me?

SIA provides you with useful information about all aspects of agriculture and its sustainable development. It aims to create an online knowledge and information resource to provide agriculture related updates and news, blogs, opinions, educational contents and links etc. This includes a free-access scholarly journals that covers a broad range of topics in agricultural and social sciences. In addition, if you become a member, you will receive newsletters, updates and notices with information that we deem to be of interest to you. All the above benefits are FREE. Please contact us for more information.


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Research Mandate

  • Integrates the strengths of research organizations with stake holders;
  • Promotes the development of research as an integral part of research organizations;
  • Co-organize conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars etc. with universities and research organizations.
  • Facilitates liaisons between government, industry and community for research/policy issues;
  • Reports on research activities, including publications contributing to stakeholders and the economy.